The Blatant Misuse of the Term “Ceramic”

What is everyone’s opinion on how the term “Ceramic” is being whored out by sectors of the car care industry such as standard car washes as well as the consumer grade detailing product companies?

It seems like every time you look, another company is labeling their detail spray, wash soap, wax or sealant as “Ceramic”. I really think at the end of the day it’s further diluting the strength & quality of real ceramic coatings offered by the ones who pioneered the concept; professional detailers.

"Ceramic" is a word so misused in the car care industry, that now, even petrol/ service station car washes are beginning to offer a “ceramic” shampoo, or a “ceramic” sealant for a measly 10.00 add-on. This is not only wrong, but it is the result of our population being exposed to such frequent amounts of false advertising. These people are buying it by the truck-load, not understanding what they are buying. The operators of these places actually think they’re applying a real ceramic coating to a car while it goes down the conveyor. This will only lead to the notion of no one ever needing an expensive detailer to apply a genuine ceramic coating when they can get the similar thing through their local tunnel wash for an extra 10.00 or even coat their own car 50 times with their big box brand 20.00 “ceramic” spray. It’s troublesome to continually watch the professional coating market take a hit like this.


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