Certified Auto Care

For Your Business

1, 10 or 100 Vehicles, We've Got You Covered.

We know how important it is that your vehicles always look good and run well.

That’s why we introduced Deluxe Fleet. No more sidelining your vehicles.

We come to you for car care when the time is right.

Aftermarket Integration

Flexible Servicing

We can clean your dealership vehicles and/or offer aftermarket services to your customers in partnership with your brand.

Unique Discounts & Commission

Great Value

Dealerships are always seeking to add value to customer experience. However, many options are too costly, unreliable and just not worth it. We can provide you with unique discounts and commission tailored to your customers or staff.

No Spillage. No Mess

Conserving Water

With our cleaning technology, we can clean your showroom vehicles and serviced cars with no spillage or mess.

No Hassle. Low Cost

Mobile & Reliable

Save time and money by having our professional washers come to your location and clean your vehicles. Image is everything and driving a clean vehicle is an extension of your organisation.

Certified. Insured. Trusted.

Certified Detailers

We are Institute of the Motor Industry Certified paint correction and protection specialists, and the Costa del Sol's best and most trusted, automotive detailers.

Your Vehicle's Looking Their Best.

Pre-sale preparation

Preparing used vehicles can be a challenging task. Our unrivaled finish will leave your showroom vehicles impecable and enable you to exhibit them to their full potential.