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The Deluxe Detail team are specialists in automotive cleaning, detailing, paint correction and protection, and can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, thanks to their professionalism, certification, experience, and extensive knowledge of the detailing industry. Being certified by the Institute of the Motor Industry enables our team to provide you with a certified, and accredited service. Deluxe Detail is continuously researching, testing and networking with the World’s Best Brands to ensure that our product, services and skills are the best, and always improving.


Deluxe Detail primarily specializes in mobile services, but in mid 2020 we established our first location, located in the heart of Marbella’s Industrial Estate ‘La Hermita’, with access off Marbella’s ‘Avenida Ricardo Soriano’, just 9 kilometers from Puerto Banus. (Postcode 29603.)

Not only is your vehicle insured whilst we’re working on it during a mobile visit, but your vehicle is also insured whilst at our Marbella detailing center.

Our detailing center also has on-site security with CCTV and a monitored intruder alarm.


After catching the ‘Detailing Bug’ a few years ago as a hobbyist; the drive, the feedback and attention motivated me, Edward, to ‘push things forward’, and to build Deluxe Detail. The Andalusian pioneer of Spain’s automotive detailing industry.


Founded mid 2020, the Deluxe Detail team is able to maintain its high-standards in the quality of its work thanks to our professionalism, certification, experience, and extensive knowledge of the automotive detailing industry – our aim is to deliver a detailing service that is second to none. A service that is helpful, insured, professional, friendly and trusted. It is our duty to preserve the attention to detail that your vehicle deserves. Each vehicle is treated as our own – Deluxe Detail aims to give the uppermost in automotive cleaning, detailing, paint correction and protection.


Don’t endure the hassle and risk of using regular car-wash service stations, dry car-wash and other non-certified car wash and detailing centers that may damage your vehicle’s paint! When doing so, your vehicle is at risk of exposure to calcium deposits, streaks, scratches and swirl marks. By using Deluxe Detail, you can give your vehicle the treatment it deserves.


In just a minute of your time, you can register to become a member of Deluxe Detail.

You will then be able to easily view, reschedule or cancel your mobile, or in-house bookings, and easily book again.

Our bespoke variety of personalized, mobile and in-house automotive cleaning and detailing services are available at your fingertips.


Our personalized mobile services come to you, anywhere on the Costa del Sol.

If you would like to have your vehicle professionally cleaned, without leaving the comfort of your home or occupation, don’t hesitate, we come to you. If you want your new vehicle's condition professionally conserved, or your current vehicle's condition corrected or protected, you can effortlessly book one of our in-house services. We respect our environment by using eco-friendly auto care methods. When choosing one of our mobile detailing services, we only use approximately 5L of water per cleaned car, unlike 100's of litres used by regular car-wash service stations. We don't use hazardous chemicals. Our ecological steam cleaning method avoids the usage and risk of hazardous chemicals entering our water-system. Our efficient, mobile auto cleaning and detailing services also enable you to save your time and leave a significantly better finish than any regular car-wash service stations or dry car-wash centers. We also understand that safety and hygiene are of the upmost importance right now. We now offer contactless services and a free interior disinfection with every interior cleaning service.